R. Benne: Unintended Effects


Posted as a page to the right (here) is an excellent short piece by Robert Benne on the “unintended effects” of the Assembly’s action.
A comment: Benne’s first paragraph is an accurate description of what the documents from the Sexuality Task Force said: the ELCA has no agreement on these issues and thus it should allow a diversity of practice. That proposal implies (and the Task Force explicitly said) that no particular position should be privileged. What we got, when the proposals were revised and then interpreted by those who did the revisions, is a policy that embodies one side of the debate, allowing only a limited ability for individuals and congregations to avoid the consequences of that policy.
Michael Root

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  1. Vicki Says:

    I just want to let you know how wonderful this site is. I’m a Lutheran, a wife and mother, who’s been active in the church and I was devastated by the Assembly’s decisions. I decided to take action and I’ve been researching this issue for our congregation so we can decide what to do and this site has been invaluable to me in that research. Please keep up all the postings and the links because it is so helpful for all us regular folks out here who are trying to keep up. The comments are insightful also. Thank you!

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