Church of Sweden on Same-Sex Marriage


While looking for something else on the Church of Sweden website, I ran across a recent (Sept 2009) comprehensive reflection on same-sex marriage (here, in English). I have not seen this text noted in the US discussion, so I thought I would link to it. It provides the basis for the action of the Church of Sweden to permit the blessing of same-sex marriages by Lutheran priests (see news report here).

2 Responses to “Church of Sweden on Same-Sex Marriage”

  1. Gregory Davidson Says:

    How unfortunate that HSG&T is cited in support of the Church of Sweden’s position! Over and over again the Swedish report cites changes in society that the Church must adapt to. What ever happened to the Church being a force for good that society must adapt to? Where is the courage in this or the ELCA’s position? The ‘prophetic’ stance today, it seems to me, is standing strongly in favor of traditional marriage between one man and one woman as testified to by the whole biblical witness.

  2. Tony Metze Says:

    Amazing how many words it takes to discount the truth. The clear meaning of scripture is often overlooked to adapt the church to the teachings of the society. This report, what I have scanned thus far, does a great job of what I call, “on one hand, but then on the other.” Is marriage between a man and woman or not? Seems the Swedes want it both ways.

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